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    Gibraltar - Much More Than You Can Imagine
    Stand on top of the Rock of Gibraltar and you feel as if you were on top of the world.
    Africa fills one horizon, while the gates to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic are on
    either side. The journey to the top of the Rock rewards you with a truly breathtaking
    view. From a height of 426m you will see the African coastline, where the waters of
    the Atlantic meet the Mediterranean, Spain's Costa del Sol and a panoramic view
    of the City far below, the quays, marinas and bays.
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    Visit the Apes Den
    Upper Rock Nature Reserve
    Moorish Castle
    St. Michael's Cave,
    WWII & Great Siege Tunnels
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    Explore Gibraltar by Taxi
    Amazing views of Morocco & Spain
    Gibraltar's Famous Landmarks

Welcome to Rock Around the Rock Tours Gibraltar

We would like to welcome you to Rock Around the Rock Tours. On this website we will introduce you to, and give you a little taste of our fascinating and unique Rock of Gibraltar. With its stunning and spectacular views, hot and sunny climate and rich diverse history, Gibraltar is the perfect destination for weekend breaks, daytrips and longer stays.

Official tour guide around the rock of Gibraltar, visit St Michael's Cave, Apes Den, The Great Siege Tunnels, Moorish Castle, 100 Ton Gun, Europa Point and many more amazing places of interest.

Places to Visit

Let us take you on a journey around the rock.
We will tell you about the history and legends of Gibraltar and even introduce you to some of the apes.

  • Moorish Castle
  • Catalan Bay
  • Ocean Village
  • St. Michaels Cave
  • The Great Siege Tunnels
  • 100 Ton Gun
  • Pillars of Hercules

A great way to discover Gibraltar is with your own personal tour guide. Gibraltar's taxi drivers are experienced guides who have extensive knowledge of Gibraltar's history, flora and fauna, the legends, the sites, and more importantly where to take the best pictures.

About Gibraltar
Gibraltar info

You will find that Gibraltar is indeed a unique destination, with a blend of many cultures, history, heritage and brilliant vistas. Gibraltar has been a British colony for the past 300 hundred years and it was previously inhabited by the Spanish and Moors and each has left their mark on the place. It is completely different to anything you have experienced before. Whilst you are based in Gibraltar you will have the opportunity of visiting both Spain and Morocco, giving you the opportunity to sample three different cultures in one single holiday.

All the prices are VAT free, so your money does stretch further. All kinds of articles are available in Gibraltar, from watches to perfumery and from designer clothes to your normal "duty free" items like alcohol or tobacco. Also take a visit to the new vibrant Ocean Village boasting an array of shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and leisure facilities including the New Casino & Bingo complex and the luxury 5 star floating hotel, the Sunborn, all surrounding the new waterfront port.

Always best to book ahead!
  • With a custom made tour you can pick and choose your destination and activities that most interest you.
  • A standard Rock Tour will take a minimum of 90mins to complete.
  • We ensure your Gibraltar Tour will be one of satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Most of the Rock's upper area is covered by a nature reserve and the Barbary apes

To avoid disappointment it is strongly recommended to book a tour directly with us via our web page especially if you are arriving on a large cruise liner, or if you are travelling with children, elderly persons or persons with disabilities. During the months of May-November it is sometimes very difficult to find a taxi for Rock Tours due to the sheer demand. Cruise ships create great demand especially the largest vessels that visit Gibraltar regularly during these months.

Pillars of Hercules

The history of Gibraltar tells us that the Rock of Gibraltar is one of the Pillars of Hercules and was know to the Greeks as the Mons Calpe. The other pillar is the Mons Abyla or Jebel Musa, on the African side of the strait of Gibraltar and can be seen quite clearly (most of the time) from the top of the Rock or at Europa Point (southern tip of Gibraltar).

In ancient times these two points 'marked' the limit to the known world that should not be crossed (a myth originally created by the Phoenicians).

Our Tours
Standard Tour 90mins

Pillars Of Hercules
St. Michael's Cave
Apes Den - Top of the Rock
Great Siege Tunnels
Extended Tour 3Hrs
Circuit the rock & view the beaches
Cross the runway, view airport terminal and frontier crosspoint
100 Ton Gun
Europa Point
Pillars Of Hercules
St. Michael's Cave
Apes Den - Top of the Rock
Great Siege Tunnels
Complete Tour of Gibraltar 6Hrs
Circuit the rock & view the beaches
Cross the runway, view airport terminal & frontier crosspoint
100 Ton Gun
Europa Point
Catalan Bay
Pillars Of Hercules
St. Michael's Cave
Ohara's Battery / 9.2 Inch Gun
Apes Den - Top of the Rock
Great Siege Tunnels
WWII Tunnel Tour
Moorish Castle

The Rock of Gibraltar is one of the best known landmarks in the World. Strategically located at the crossroads of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, it also finds itself between two continents that are vastly different, Europe and Africa. This also means that if you are in the area, it is mandatory that you visit it. Over seven million people visit Gibraltar every year and you could be one of them.

Visitors to Gibraltar are mostly made up of either day-trippers or tourists enjoying a short break for several days. Although the day trip will give you an insight into Gibraltar, it does not do justice to its many sites and attractions. It is therefore recommended that you come for at least three days.

Our Photos

Our photos taken up and around the rock.
Amazing views of North Africa and Spain and great places to visit.

  • Upper Rock

    View from the Top
    • Cannon up the Rock

      Sunset over the Bay
      • Upper Rock

        Tunnel up the Rock
        • Taxi Rock Tour

          Aerial Shot
          • Upper Rock

            Cruise Liner
            • St. Michaels Cave

              Inside the Cave
              • Taxi Rock Tour

                Top of the Rock
                • Baby Ape

                  Cute Baby Ape
                  • Taxi Rock Tour

                    Barbery Ape
                    • <
                    • Taxi Rock Tour

                      Baby Ape
                      • Taxi Rock Tour

                        Barbery Apes with Baby
                        • <
                        • Taxi Rock Tour

                          Ape and Rock
                          • Taxi Rock Tour

                            Ape and the Rock
                          • Africa in background

                            Views of the Atlas Mountain
                          • Views of the Bay

                            Queensway Quay Marina & Bay
                          • Gibraltar & Africa

                            Straits of Gibraltar
                          • 9.2in Gun

                            O'Hara's Battery
                          • Military Heritage Centre

                            Princess Caroline's Battery
                          • Ocean Village Marina

                            Ocean Village, Gibraltar
                          • Gibraltar Airport

                            Runway crossing
                          • Europa Point Lighthouse

                            Gibraltar Lighthouse
                          • Parson's Lodge Battery

                            Fortifications of Gibraltar
                          • Trafalgar Cemetery

                            Battle of Trafalgar
                          • Our lady of Europe

                            Shrine, Chapel & Museum


Here you can find more information about Gibraltar. Other places of interest, like the Botanical Gardens, dolphins, the museum and most important of all shopping in Gibraltar.

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Gibraltar Rock Tour

Official tour guide around the rock of Gibraltar, visit the apes den at the upper rock nature reserve, along with St Michael's Cave, the Great Siege Tunnels, WWII Tunnels, Moorish Castle, great views of the Atlas mountain of Morocco and the bay of Spain, then down to Europa Point to see the lighthouse and the Moroccan Mosque of Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim, 100 Ton Gun and many more places of interest. All tours escorted in the comfort of a modern 8 seater fully air-conditioned mini van. Enquire about larger groups and VIP tours. Tour pick up points from port terminal main entrance, frontier, a location within Gibraltar, the Gibraltar airport.

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